A Genshin Impact Wedding Themed Zine

A for-profit zine focused on ships and weddings!

A Genshin Impact Wedding Inspiration Maga(zine) with an NSFW PDF add-on!

December 15th - January 1stInterest Check
January 20th - February 27thContributor Applications
March 10thAcceptance Emails
April 5thConcept Approval
April 20thFirst Check-in
May 15thSecond Check-in
June 10thThird Check-in
July 1stFinal Check-in
August 1stPreorders Open!

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✦ Mod Kuragina || She/They ✦

Social Media/Sensitivity

Sensitivity Mod - Cheers! Dionysis Fanzine

✦ Mod ColdSpicy64 || She/They ✦

Writing/Beta Reader

Writing Mod - Kingdom Haute

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Graphics Mod - AC Scrapbook Zine
Formatting mod - Sk8 Through The Seasons Zine

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Accountant in real life

Q: What is a zine?

A: A zine, and in this case a fanzine, is a collaborative project where fans of a certain series come together to make a book full of art and writing. They come in various themes and in all shapes and sizes.

Q: What is the theme?

The theme of this zine is based on weddings. Our project is envisioned to be a magazine focused on weddings within Teyvat. We would like general wedding concepts with focuses on each region having different customs as well as ship content.

Q: Will ships be allowed?

A: Yes ships are allowed, but not all ships will be allowed! We will not accept any ships that involve children characters or incest in any capacity.

Q: Will NSFW be allowed?

A: Only in the NSFW add-on! We would love to include this, but it is ultimately dependent on how much interest we garner and how many contributors are willing.

If you have more questions please refer to our info doc or email us!